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Groupe Eramet

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Eramet specializes in extracting, producing, and selling non-ferrous metals and in producing and transforming alloys. Net sales break down by family of products as follows:

  • manganese (45.5%): chemical manganese derivatives (No. 1 worldwide; oxides, sulfates, and chlorides), manganese minerals and alloys (No. 2 worldwide). The group also offers recovery and recycling services for metals contained in oil catalysts, electric batteries, etc.;
  • steel alloys (29.2%): high-speed steels (No. 2 worldwide), forged parts intended for aeronautics and energy production (No. 2 worldwide), special high-performance steels and superalloys;
  • nickel 24.8%): ferronickel (No. 1 worldwide), high-purity nickel for superalloys. Eramet also offers fine cobalt and tungsten powders.

Net sales break down geographically as follows: France (12.9%), Europe (31.4%), Asia (30.1%), North America (21.1%), Africa (2.6%), Latin America (1.6%) and Oceania (0.5%).